The Most Durable Access Mats in Edmonton, Calgary, and all of Northern Alberta

MaXXiMaT’s access mats—known colloquially as “swamp mats”—are redefining industry standards for quality. We supply our mats in Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas that minimize ground disturbance, and maintain the balance of sensitive systems surrounding your worksite. We understand the importance of improving and extending productivity in challenging climates and have engineered our mats to withstand the toughest conditions. Using MaXXiMaT’s best-in-class mats from Alberta will give you the traction and even work surface that you need in order to ensure safety for your workforce and stability for your equipment. We always work to minimize our environmental impact when coming up with access matting solutions for each project. Our mats can be used to access sites in environmentally sensitive such as wetlands. MaXXiMaT supplies the most durable access mats in Edmonton, Calgary, and all across Alberta.

38 ft.10, 20, 30 ft.
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