Camp Mats Alberta, Canada

Thanks to Our Proprietary Design, Our Camp Mats Are Some of the Most Durable in Canada.

Using patented mat technologies, MaXXiMaT manufactures industrial mats for a variety of applications, including the oil & gas as well as drilling industries. Our mats are used around the world, to provide environmentally safe solutions for creating temporary roadways and walkways, drilling foundations, camp construction, and more.

In addition to our clients in Edmonton and Calgary, we are proud to service Northern Alberta worksites, as well as many other mat customers across Canada, the US, and internationally. Whether you need rig matsoil-drilling mats, environmental mats, impact mats, reduce mats, system mats, bridging mats, or interlocking mats, MaXXiMaT of Nisku can supply you with solutions for your camp mat needs.

We Have Custom Sized Mats Available

MaXXiMaT offers custom mat sizes in 2’, 3’, 4’ x 10’ and 60’ dimensions. For many years, we have been Edmonton’s choice as one of the most reliable camp mat manufacturers and suppliers.

4 ft.10-60 ft.

Innovative Camp Mat Technology

At MaxxiMaT, we strive to manufacture the strongest mats in the industry, using patented technologies to create sink-resistant mats that distribute loads more evenly. MaxxiMaT principals have worked in the oil & gas industry for over 35 years providing camp mat solutions to the oil, gas, mining, and pipeline industries. In Alberta’s often-challenging climate conditions, we know that it takes a camp mat that doesn’t bend in the middle or dish on the ends. We have engineered our unique mats accordingly, to exceed industry standards and help to prevent these kinds of problems.

MaxxiMaT offers a wide variety of camp mat designs with our patented interlocking SAGD mat, in a wide range of standard and custom sizes to meet every need. MaxxiMaT uses fully trained welders who adhere to rigorous levels of quality control. Our state-of-the–art manufacturing facility is highly automated, enabling us to provide quality products for any job, large or small, anywhere in the world.

We know what it takes to get the job done. Call our experienced team today to find out more about the innovative patented technologies.

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Camp Mats FAQ

We manufacture laminated rig mats, cross beam rig mats, all-steel H.D. mats, and a patented interlocking SAGD mat, all in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. In addition, we make portable filtration environmental spill containment mats, light/medium/heavy-duty spill containment mats, pipeline mats, casting mats, industrial/construction mats, and more.

For more information, be sure to contact us at +1 780-979-6588 or call our 24/7 toll-free number at +1 877-447-6222.

Our camp mats are made in 2, 3 and 4 beam styles for superior load distribution. We use Laminated 2x6 SPF Wood that is glued and ARDOx nailed, and a proprietary Three Way Locking System to ensure secure placement.

Located in Nisku, Alberta Canada, we pride ourselves on being Canada’s highest quality manufacturer and supplier of rig mats. We provide our products and services to industries across the oil, gas, mining, and pipeline sectors and sell to companies, large or small, worldwide.

If you wish to inquire about our products and services or high-quality camp mat products, be sure to contact us for a free consultation.

Not only has our company been in the industry for over 35 years, we have the expertise and know-how in servicing pipe linings, rigs, oil & gas wells, waste disposal, trucking, and pipe slotting. When it comes to rig and camp mats, we know what it will take to get the job done right.

In order to manufacture the strongest mats in the industry that will get even the toughest jobs running smoothly, we use both reinforced pipe and beam ends. This means our mats are up to 3 times stronger than typical rig mats. In addition, we also offer our innovative patented interlocking mats that utilizes an impressive 1¼” steel hook and ‘wine bottle’ locking mechanism.